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     I had one specific dietary mission statement going into University; not to eat a single package of ramen noodles. I've always had an anti-establishmentary attitude and I thought, "What better way to challenge a predetermined expectation of what college students are 'supposed to eat'?' This eventually transformed into a full blown no pre-packaged, frozen, or "convenience foods" diet. I was lucky enough to grow up in a household where 90% of what I ate was home-cooking and was taught how to cook at a young age. So I opted out of my meal plan and hit the supermarket for some fresh meats and vegetables.

     I will be writing my posts with the assumptions that you have no prior cooking experience so it should be easy to understand and learn, no matter how much experience you may have. I will try and provide nutritional facts for all the recipes provided, as well as explaining certain elements about food and dishes as I go instead of just providing a recipe to follow. It is my goal that you take away from this blog a better knowledge of nutrition, affordability when it comes to cooking, more confidence, and how to enjoy cooking!